Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Canada - a new friend

Among very many other events today, I congratulated Nima Arkani-Hamed who is also a Canadian to his new prime minister. ;-) Nima who is an N.D.P. supporter mentioned that it is great that physics exists, otherwise we would have to kill each other. :-)

Much like the relations between Germany and the U.S. improved after Angela Merkel was elected as the new German chancellor, the relations between Canada and the U.S. are going to improve, too. Two years ago when the war in Iraq was getting started, many people were predicting permanently destroyed relations between the U.S. and its traditional allies.

I have always found this thinking unrealistic. Why? It's because it was clear that eventually the situation in Iraq would come to the point in which all good people in the world simply wish the country to evolve in a peaceful and democratic direction - and the U.S. investment in the country would eventually become appreciated - and moreover it was clear that it would not be such a hot topic forever.

Another reason why the predictions were unrealistic is that the leaders of the Western countries who were against Bush did not have any good reason to be re-elected, unlike Bush himself. We already see that time is working in the right direction - the leaders of Germany and Canada have already been replaced by more friendly ones and others will follow. For example, Jacques Chirac will be replaced next year. ;-)

The left-wing activists in the U.S. often like to create the illusion that the whole world outside the U.S. supports their ideology and shares their emotion with respect to George W. Bush. Well, that's definitely not the case. There is a lot of diversity out there.

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  1. Lubos:

    Forget about Iraq. It's a forgotten war already, with a few US soldiers down per day and an ending not in sight and an exit strategy not on the military commander's drawing board. I don't know when it will end or in which way it ends but the ending of that war would not be so glorious.

    Mean while, the real danger is in Iran. Year 2006 will be a very dangerous year for the world and all crisis will break out. The key issue, is that that the open secret is Iran is in the final stage of building its own nuclear weapons. Of course we know another open secret that Isreal already have several hundred nukes.

    Military confrontation would be inevitable. But that's not even the most important issue. The big problem is the oil. Iran will not have the military power to defend itself. But it is powerful enough to be able to throw a few scud missles and destroy the Saudi oil field, or sink one or two giant oil tanks in the narrowest part of the Hormutz strait, cutting off all Middle East oil export through the Persian Gulf, and plunge the whole world into a total chaos and deep crisis.

    Strategically, the Iraq war was a total mistake. We could have been better off leave Iraq there the balance Iran. As it is now, we actually empowered Iran by eliminating it's next door neighbor. If you look at the southern tip of Iraq, it's a very narrow strip. The Iranians could easily mass cross the boarder, cut off the supply route of the 100, 000 US troups to the north, and we see 100, 000 US hostages holded by by the Iranian student leader who once held 72 American hostages.

    Even according to the extreme right winger Pat Buchanan it's a very touchy crisis to handle.