Monday, January 23, 2006

Clouds rearrange

As Alex W. has pointed out to me, informs about the work of
who measured the moon's earthshine to see how much light the Earth reflects. (Goode's page is here.) It turns out that the Earth is currently reflecting significantly more light than back in 2000. However, this effect did not cause cooling because the percentage of high-lying "warming" clouds has increased a lot during the recent years while the percentage of low-lying "cooling" clouds has decreased. The changes is such that the difference between the high-lying and low-lying clouds has doubled. If you don't understand how these things exactly work and why some of the clouds are "warming" clouds, be sure that you're not the only one. ;-)

Nevertheless, Goode et al. present new evidence that we don't understand the crucial mechanisms that actually decide about the significant part of the Earth's climate dynamics. Clouds matter, they are poorly represented in the existing models, and multidecadal cycles may exist.

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  1. Lubos:

    Don't you see that researches like this sort is completely stupid and is a disgrace to the whole science research community.

    Let say a beautiful girl walks up to you, would you turn your face towards a white wall, and try to study the shade of light this girl cast on the wall and reflected off the wall? Or would you rather just stare straight up to the lady? Prof. Goode clearly prefer to stare at a piece of rock 384K kilometers away, than look at the girl directly.

    The fact is we have weather satellites circling the earth constantly at close distant, and passing back photographies continuously. They provide way much better data for you to measure the light reflection of the earth, than a piece of rock 38400 kilometers away. At Da Vinci's time they did not have any tool to look at the earth directly. Today we have easily accessible tools to stare back at earth. But some scientists still work in Da Vinci's time.

    And Lobus probably thought of that as cutting edge research, eh? That's how tax payer dollars are wasted. We need researchers that have intelligence at least match those average on the street!