Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Energizing the quest for a TOE

BBC describes the LHC - and they help to energize the quest for a "big theory". ;-)


  1. I predict from Higgs field considerations that the masses of any particles they produce will be

    (0.511 Mev).(137/2)n(N + 1)

    = 35n(N + 1) Mev,

    where n and N are integers. It works quite well, being proved by a gravity analysis based on Feynman diagram gravitation - http://members.lycos.co.uk/nigelbryancook/

  2. Lubos:
    Here is more that I digged out relating LHC to electricity cost, right from the CERN site. Just scroll down to the title "Reduction of electricity comsumption..."

    I quote:
    "...During these days of EJP CERN has a strong financial interest to reduce its power consumption as much as possible whilst minimizing disruptions for LHC machine and experiment commissioning, accelerator and experiment tests and start-up...."

    Please note, the current CERN electricity cost, while no experiment is conducted, is virtually nothing, comparing what it would cost when the machine is fully operational and turned on. If they are already worried about electricity cost because of financial problems, what would happen when the machine is actually turned on, and also the electricity cost per kwh by that time will be several times higher than current level?

    The conclusion is they simply can not afford to operate LHC, unless the CERN budget is quadrippled from current level. I see no possibility that will happen.