Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas victory

While Canada's election results were pretty good news, the Palestinian election results are much less encouraging. As we predicted a few weeks ago, the militant Islamic political movement Hamas has easily won the polls in Palestine.
What does it mean? It means that by following the policies of appeasement that never work, the democratic world has effectively given a quarter of the territory of a democratic country to the terrorists - and new plans in this direction are being designed as you read this article. Palestine has just replaced Iraq as a member of the Axis of Evil. The Arabs in Palestine were simply not ready and they are still not ready to establish a country that could become a decent member of the international community, which is why we should have avoided all such unrealistic plans.

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  1. Hamas's victory is a victory of democracy nevertheless. Those people voted in un-precedent turnout number. They voted on their free will, and not a gun pointing to their backs. So yes that's democracy. Like it or not it's not our business since we do not vote.

    Clearly it opens another eye on Hamas. It is not a terriorist group doing nothing but suicide bombing. If all them ever do is suicide bombing, we would have seem several order of magnitude more occurences of such bombings. They actually have done a lot of good none-violent things improving the wellbeing of the Palestinian people, that must be why they have the majority support of the Palestinian people.

    Like it or not, we the Americans now need to do official dealings with the Hamas, now the legitimate official representation of the Palestinian people.

    The only road to middle east peace is one Isreal State and one Palestinian State as neighbors to each other. Lubos if you call that an unrealistic plan, would you care to tell us what is a more realistic plan:

    1.Kill all Isrealis and wipe Isreal out of the map, and there is no more conflict.

    2.Kill all Palestinians and wipe out the Palestinian state from the map, and there is no more conflict.

    3.Move Isreal to Europe, leave the Arabs alone.

    4.Move the Palestinians to Kosovo, leave the jews alone.

    An Isreal in the middle east unable to achieve peace with its neighbors, and armed with hundreds of nuclear weapons, is dangerous. It sets a bad example so that all it's geological neighbors will want to have their own nukes as well, making the world more dangerous.

    An Iran, threatening to wipe out Isreal, and armed with nuclear weapons, is certainly dangerous, too. It makes all its neighbors want nuclear weapons, too. The Saudis is watching the war of words between USA and Iran, and not saying any word criticizing either side. Why? US and Isreal is making un-veiled military threats but not a single Arab nation said anything, why? No one wants a nuclear armed Iran. But no one wants a nuclear armed Isreal, either. The best the Arabs hope is for these two eliminate each other.

    2006 is a very dangerous year for the world.