Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Joachim Martillo's e-mails

Joachim Martillo whose e-mail is ThorsProvoni@aol.com has been one of the major external sources of tension during the so-called Summers controversy in 2005. The subtlety is that Martillo promotes anti-semitic opinions. For example, today, many people received his e-mail "Summers' latest outrage". What is the outrage? It is the largest
that is planned for February 10 and will become the largest Shabbat dinner that ever took place at Harvard. Why is Mr. Martillo so offended by the dinner? It is because he believes that the Hillel Society is a racist organization that moreover promotes zionism - namely the idea that the state of Israel has the right to exist (which Mr. Martillo obviously considers to be a heresy). The Wikipedia page above makes it clear that Hillel is the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. It's the most correct Jewish campus organization you can get.

Mr. Martillo also claims that some distinguished professors at Harvard add an anti-Slavic racist aspect to the activities of Hillel. As a Slavic person, I declare that the contacts we had with the people whom Mr. Martillo accuses of racism have shown no evidence supporting it. In other words, as a member of a hypothetically discriminated group, I must say that according to all evidence I have, Mr. Martillo is not saying the truth to us.

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