Friday, January 27, 2006

Kerry will lose again

Special welcome for former fans of John Kerry who came from his blog and decided to switch to L.M.

The Reference Frame predicts that our Massachusetts senators' attempt to filibuster Samuel Alito will fail. Filibuster - talking nonsense for many days in order to fight for your own ideology and suppress the will of the majority - is a morally problematic procedure that at least two Democrats will disagree with (update: at least ten).

Moreover, at least two other Democrats are expected to support Samuel Alito actively because they know that the conservatives are better judges in average - and the citizens of their red states know it, too. Conservative judges tend to follow the law - unlike many left-wing judges who tend to write their own laws and include various political correctnesses and similar crap into their "interpretations" of the law.

John Kerry's and Edward Kennedy's inability to realize that their fellow Democrats are not such fanatics as they are shows that they don't really have leading skills. It is a rather un-American approach to go into battles that are pretty much lost from the very beginning.

If you did not know, John Kerry is one of the less well-known far left-wing bloggers (see here) - whose loyal readers call him "Mr President" - and a former presidential candidate. Edward Kennedy is famous for being a brother of the former U.S. president. John Kerry is trying to become visible before the 2008 elections when he apparently wants to get the votes of all supporters of permanent losers and ridiculous puppets.

Wolfgang from ISO42 on the Bahamas forgot to say "Mr. President Kerry, our beloved leader, I will also eat your excrements" and you can see that he simply had to be beaten up by Kerry's gifted fans ;-) as every reactionary straight while male should be. :-)


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  2. Dear Nigel,

    on the contrary, pleasure is on my side. If I know that my name can be used to help 71 mentally ill people, I will always to my best to help them.

    In this particular case, I will be more than happy to keep your retarded comment on that website. ;-)

    Best, LM

  3. Quantoken, thanks for that link!

    "In a shocking development, the Treasury Department website is openly stating that as of January 24, 2006 our national debt stood at $8,185.3 billion and on January 26th at $8,190.5 billion.


    "Yet the US national debt ‘ceiling’, the maximum amount of debt the US government may hold at any one time, stands at $8,184 billion – a full $5.5 billion less. Although called upon by John Snow, Congress has not yet passed an expansion of the debt ceiling and so the US government is now operating in technical default."

    Compare this money chaos to Harvard university:

    Kirby Resigns as Dean of the Faculty

    Dean was fired by Summers, sources close to the Corporation say

    Published On Friday, January 27, 2006 10:11 PM


    Crimson Staff Writer

    Dean of the Faculty William C. Kirby said tonight that he would step down from his administrative post on June 30. The dean was fired by University President Lawrence H. Summers, according to two individuals who have discussed Kirby’s status with a member of the Harvard Corporation. ...

    Kirby’s resignation, while expected among some professors, leaves the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in limbo as the school contends with a growing budget deficit and a curricular review beset by criticism and delays. ...

    Another major focus of Kirby’s tenure has been the Faculty budget, which dipped into the red this fiscal year and is projected to post an annual deficit above $100 million by 2010. The Faculty is instituting a multi-faceted plan that includes decapitalizing the school's endowment in order to pay for the deficit. ...

    Harvard and Bush have much in common!