Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Meeting Quantoken

Every reader of the physics blogosphere knows that Quantoken is one of the greatest geniuses ever who has figured out that we are running out of oil - and many other important insights. But how much do we know who he actually is? What's his name? Does he work as a patent clerk or something else? Where does he connect to the Internet? I could not resist the curiosity so after I learned that he lives in the Boston area, we eventually agreed to meet with Quantoken himself. He allowed me take a picture of him:

and he was a very nice guy. We have talked about peak oil, higher-derivative corrections to extremal black hole entropy and mass as well as their dual description, about the influence of Plato on Hegel, and many other things. Quantoken is far too modest to reveal all of his abilities - but because I think that being an overly modest attitude may hurt and many readers are moreover interested in his identity, I decided to post the picture despite Quantoken's requests to remain anonymous.

Tomorrow, another blogger from New Mexico who is a capitalist will visit Cambridge.

Later, it turned out that Quantoken is Chinese because he can analyze ancient Chinese poems.


  1. Come on, Lubos. I do not expect you to post a real photo of me, but it does not even come close to resemble me at all. Who is that guy, is he your girlfriend? Or maybe that's actually yourself? You once told us that you are an alien changeline and even showed us your photo to prove it:


    As for the peak oil crisis. I take no credit in "figuring it out". Lots of people of wisdom have figured it out and I am just listening carefully. BTW, the oil prices on the street is real. And the reality is not a holography, but something that's really happening.

    I wish you have some time to read this main stream media story. Or spend time study the authoritative book "Twilight in the Desert".

    The oil coming out of Saudis biggest oil fields now contains more than 50% water, and they are injecting 3 barrels of sea water to get one barrel of this mixed liquid out. That's a fact, not fiction. How much longer do you think the oil can continue to flow from the ground?


  2. Dear Quantoken,
    it was very nice to meet you.

    Yes, I understood that you did not expect me to post a real photo of you. Sorry for that.

    I hope that you like the photograph even if you have not seen the mirror for quite some time.

    Good luck with peak oil,

  3. Dear Quantoken,
    I leave your identity safe and
    confidential, only I appreciated your
    statements about the equivalence of
    Action quanta to Information bits. I
    thought I was the discoverer of this,
    but evidently I was wrong. Could you
    be so kind to let me know the source
    of the above? I leave my address
    minnotauro@yahoo.it. Have a Sweet