Thursday, January 05, 2006

Memorial service: R. Bott

There will be a memorial service for Raoul Bott on Sunday, January 29 at 1:30pm in the Memorial Church on Harvard campus. A reception will follow.

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  1. As a great mathematician I guess Raoul Bott deserves some consideration of respect, which includes arrangement of his memorial services.

    Does any one know his religious beliefs? Was he an atheists. Or was he a Roman Catholist, Orthodoxist, or a Judaist, or a Mormon? Or a Buddhist, or a Christian or a Scientologist? My bet is he is probably an atheist.

    My concern would then be that if he was an atheist and he is now being served by a Catholist church. Would not that be an insult to his personal belief, and a disrespect to the passed-away?

    If you are Christian, for example, would you want to be serviced by an Islamic temple when you pass away? Lubos I know you are an atheist. What church or temple would you prefer to be served after you pass away, or do you rather prefer something more adherent to your own belief system?

    I am surprised that Harvard University, claiming to be one of freedom of thinking, would endorse one particular religion as its official religion, by having an official church. Would it not be fair that Harvard should also have an official on campus Buddhish temple, to balance things out?