Monday, January 02, 2006

The mess in Gaza

It has been more than 100 days since the "disengagement" - which was identified as a mistake by The Reference Frame - so it may be a good time to start to evaluate the situation in this region.

What does he tell us? As expected, anarchy took over on the Palestinian territory. Clashes between gunmen, policemen, and government occur on a daily basis. Most of the rules of the game are ill-defined, and even those that are well-defined are ignored. It may be surprising for some people, but it is definitely not surprising for us. Chaos is the default state of the human society. It takes a lot of time, good will, good luck, and good work to develop a working society, especially if it is supposed to be a democratic, prosperous, and lawful society.

There has been no good reason to expect that these adjectives were what most of the citizens in the Gaza strip - especially those with a paramilitary power - were after. Most of them, sadly to say, exhibited virtually no respect for the modern values of the British and the Israelis - and maybe not even the Egyptians and the Ottoman Turks. One simply cannot build a completely new modern cultural nation based primarily on those who oppose anything that is normally called "culture" and "order".

What can we expect? First of all, there exists no powerful enough political force in Palestine that would promote peace, democracy and capitalism as we know it and that would try to fight Hamas. The closest approximation they have is Fatah which is very weak and apparently lacking any principles. Fatah will be increasingly often viewed as the reason of the chaos - and as a target of corruption.

Hamas, the militant Islamic organization, is programmed to be the winner of the situation. They know what they want - and maybe, they are really capable to bring order to the cities and villages. What is the price? The price is that all Europeans, Americans, and the citizens of other developed nations must escape from the territory that is gonna be controlled by the Islamic militants who want to destroy Israel, to say the least. All plans about a peaceful co-existence of the new Palestinian state with the state of Israel are going to evaporate pretty quickly.

These plans were always unrealistic fantasies. What the disengagement effectively meant and what it still effectively means is to give the territory to barbarians (I mean Hamas) who don't want peace, freedom, democracy, and capitalism - but something completely different. That's a rather dangerous decision - one that may force us to spend hundreds of lives and tens of billions of bucks for another war in the future.

Whom can we thank for these possible developments, besides the Palestinian militants themselves? Especially those European politicians who did not find it appropriate to help the island of democracy called the state of Israel - our natural ally - to protect its territory.

And that's the memo.

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