Saturday, January 14, 2006

Systinet sold for $105 million

The Burlington, Massachusetts - based company Systinet producing SOA that was founded by Roman Staněk in Prague in 2000 has been sold to Mercury for 105 million dollars. Congratulations to Roman!

As far as I remember I've met Roman Staněk only once - in Grendel's Den, a pub here in Cambridge. He came there with Radovan Janeček whom I have known from the Liane BBS for years.

Roman Staněk's new Czech blog is here. Radovan Janeček's English blog "Nothing impersonal" is here. Many people expect that the Czech media won't inform about the deal, and if they will, the comrade Paroubek, the current prime minister and Joe Quimby's twin brother, will send cops to put Mr. Staněk in the prison. ;-)

Figure 1: Paroubek and Quimby. If you have problems to tell them apart, remember that Quimby is wartless.

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