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Thanks to Mark Trodden

I don't know yet if it will work out but even if it won't, I want to thank Mark Trodden from Cosmic Variance (and from Syracuse University) for his agreement to proctor the final exam of Julia M. who had to spend the last week in Central New York as opposed to Cambridge where her completely healthy classmates were happily solving the final exam. Thanks, Mark!

The grading is also a rather hard emotional test. You know that the students don't necessarily have the highest possible score. Moreover, even those whom you really like don't necessarily achieve a high score. Not even those who learn for the exam have a high enough score. From an emotional viewpoint, it would be so much nicer to give an A to everyone. But we would then be like Cornel West. Grades are not terribly important but still, they should not become a complete joke because they play a certain role.

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