Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Topological conference

The event's website contains basic data about the conference. Let me exceptionally behave as a linker-not-thinker.

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  1. Why don't you talk about the TRUE current affairs. Stick out your ears tomorrow, because Bush will spend a big chuck of his time in the State of the Union address to talk about energy crisis.

    Mean while, the gas supply to Georgia is finally restored. I don't know what's the final casualty count. But it does not look good. How can one survive without gas, AND without electricity, too, for a full one week, in temperatures that's 20 below zero celsius?

    If the rooms is not heated, a reasonable healthy person can manage it by putting on more clothes, and keep the body warm by eat enough food to provide calories.

    But then, if there is no gas and no electricity, how can one cook a hot meal to eat? Eat raw meat, then?

    You might say go out and eat in a restraurant. Good idea. But then the restaurants use the same gas and electricity you use at home. If you can't cook a meal at home, the restraurants can't cook anything either. They can service you raw meat if that's all you want.

    There are propagne tanks available. But they are in extreme short supply. Most of the several million people probably can't get one. And many people simply lacks the means to wait in line to purchase one, and haul the tank all the way to home in such freezing condition. Many people do not have the body strength to haul a heavy tank even during a warm day. And with an average income of only $20 per months, these people are probably too poor to provide the life's necessary items even during a normal day. What do they do in such an emergence?

    It's been a great human tragedy that we so rely our lifes on the energy provided by fossil fuels. Without fossil fuel, many people simply will not survive, even for a short period of time.

    My estimate of the Georgia casualty count is at least a few thousands out of the 4 million people affected.