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Allston architect: Behnisch

In the case that you're interested in the future of Harvard, half a million of square feet near the Western Avenue in Allston will become the place where a new science center -

- including a new stem cell research institute - will be under construction since 2007. The architect was just chosen: it is one company although it may look like three:

They're inventing modern buildings that are meant to be environmentally friendly. A few examples of their work:

Yes, the last building is Genzyme in Cambridge, MA. Your humble correspondent would prefer the earlier, more courageous and less cubic examples of modern design.

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reader Quantoken said...

I see people are speculating about me. Funny some one speculate that I know Chinese Just because I can copy and paste. I am not saying I do or do not know Chinese. I am just saying that you do not have a sufficient reason to believe either.

Mean while, it's quite fun to see that Lubos has demonstrated he has poor skill in the Czech language. He clearly did NOT translate the poetry correctly into Czech. That could be because 1.He doesn't know Chinese. 2.His Czech is poor. No. 1 can be ruled out because he should have read the English translation on Yau's paper, even if he can't read Chinese. So it must be No. 2.

Just kidding! To end the speculation once for all. My nationality is American. And I do know multiple languages.


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