Thursday, February 23, 2006

The battle is on over firing

Union says it will fight to get officer's job back

Interesting news from a virtual world via Charles Marcus - a world where the good guys may actually be bad guys and where dismissals have a rational cause.

FLINT (WJRT) - (February 06) - An officer is off the streets this noon, having been fired for his actions in a high-speed chase.

That chase led to a fiery crash and the death of Fisher. [Prof. Fischer is a physicist who proposed an anti-Summers resolution.]

Police say Officer Summers was behind the wheel of a cruiser when it slammed into Fisher's cruiser in a Boston neighborhood. The department fired Summers, saying he didn't follow proper policy.

A police captain said this morning that they had issues with Summers' overall job performance. He's the only officer to face discipline for what happened that night.

An effort is already underway within the Department to get Summers back on the job.

Here's the background on the case.

Back in 2005, Freeman fled from officers after having open alcohol containers in their car. That started the high-speed chase, leading to the fatal crash.

Bentoski and Freeman reached plea deals last month with prosecutors.

Officers Fisher and Summers were part of the chase. Summers' patrol car hit Fisher's, causing the fiery crash.

As part of the lengthy investigation into Fisher's death, the department decided that Summers didn't follow proper chase policy.

Department administrators won't talk on camera. Scott, however, did give us a statement this morning. The document says the department terminated Summers based on what happened in 2005 incident and his overall job performance.

He also said this happened only after their extensive investigation.

Union leaders say they'll file a grievance against the Department and fight for Summers job.

More details here.

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