Saturday, February 04, 2006

Buy Danish products

Do you also think that the threats against all innocent Danes, the boycotts, and the burning Danish embassy are not a fair price for Denmark's press freedom? And for the fact that the Danish queen is not exactly among those who think that Islam should be tolerated? Buy Danish. What does it mean? You should buy:

These are pretty good offers from merely 5 million people, aren't they?


  1. qydkjoDenmark is supposed to be a decent democratic first world nation whose people, politicians, and publishers are intelligent and educated. Do you think that slandering and hurting others in the name of democracy and freedom of speech is a decent thing to do?

    Remember the Emperor with the new clothes?


    do we have the freedom of choice of boycotting Danish products?

  2. This controversy suddenly makes complete sense to me.

    What are we actually seeing?

    We're watching a bunch of aquavit soaked, alcoholic, cigar fuming, cologne stinking, drunken journalist jerks enraging a mob of fanatical, religiously demented, sexually crippled tribal nitwits.

    Really edifying. The modern world at its level best

  3. Dear Joseph,

    you may be exaggerating a bit ;-) but probably not so much...

    Dear hrights,

    I assure you that most Danish, according to pretty significant statistics that I have privately done, are not only educated - and usually intelligent - but they also have a respect for others and other religions.

    Most likely, a majority of them would never publish the images - even if they were not under threats of death.

    At the same moment, almost all Danes have a respect for certain secular as well as Christian moral values. This includes the act of forgiving, and freedom of press. And some citizens find the opposition to Islam a part of their values much like many Arabs find the opposition to the West a part of their religion.

    Even if we call the pictures "indecent" - and for most of them and probably all of them, such an adjective is a huge stretch - in the West, it is more important that it is legal and no one has the right to punish the journalists and others for their work, not even if 1 billion of people in other countries would dream about it.

    According to the laws in virtually all Western countries, blasphemy is legal these days. And it is not an error of our laws. We have extremely profound reasons why blasphemy is legal. On the other hand, burning buildings and death threats are not legal. All of us know that these laws seem to differ from the Islamic world, and you should learn about the difference, too.

    Blasphemy is legal on paper and the folks wanted to test whether it is also legal in practice because they had some indication that in practice it does not exist. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for others, the answer seems to be No. Various pressures not included in the written laws make various things effectively illegal, at least for most people.

    I could even hypothetically join those who apologize for the particular pictures that you found offending but I can definitely not apologize for the laws that make such pictures possible, and we cannot promise that such a thing won't ever repeat. On the contrary: it could be a good idea to publish similar pictures every day to try to teach you the concept.

    Yes, I remember the Emperor with the new clothes, but it is less clear what is Her or His relation to this incident.

    Yes, you have a complete freedom not to buy the Danish products, according to all laws in all countries in the world. And I think that you should have and enjoy other freedoms, too.

    All the best

  4. "Remember the Emperor with the new clothes?"

    You mean, the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish poet?

    And since when is a whole nation responsible for the writings of one newspaper?

  5. As a Dane (well educated and tolerant) I must say that the rage these cartoons have caused are totally out of proportion. Let me first emphasize that I do not agree with them since I have many muslim friend and colleagues (as do many Danes). However the cartoons were not that terrible in my opinion and especially not if you consider what the Danish newspapers have shown in the past on our own religios figures, our prime minister, government, the queen etc. We generally tend to have a very sarcastic and harsh sense of humour and we do not ourselves become easily offended.
    "Sadly" part of having a free society and democracy means that you must tolerate that others say and do things that you do not agree with.. there are in DK extremist christians, racists, communists, nazis, anarchist.. every thing under the sun and I will not be held accountable for what they say or do, but I will at any time defend their rigth to have their own opinion. .

    A lot of the crisis at this time is also due to many lies such as serious assault on muslims in Denamrk, burning of the Coran, exagerations on what the cartoons illustrated etc. It is used as a welcome opportunity for some to direct anger toward the west and particularly Denmark.

    I can buy anything you like Danish or not. but just remeber that your values and the values of decent muslims are at stake here.


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