Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Climate change on Saturn

I removed information about a certain medal that was far too preliminary.

These days, every child knows that there is a scientific consensus that every deviation of the climate from the constant function is caused by crimes of the humankind, especially by the evil capitalists, imperialists, and oil corporations.

And the Earth is not the only planet that is affected by this fact. Global warming also occurs on Mars - all but eliminating the doubts that Martians live there.

What about Saturn? NASA has just observed the largest ever thunderstorm on Saturn (, apparently caused by climate change. It is conjectured that this climate change is also caused by the humans, especially by John Tolkien and by the Lord of the Rings. This hypothesis is supported by recent observations that the rings look completely different than 25 years ago (before Reagan's revolution), especially the D-ring.

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