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A conservative martyr

Some of the very recent commentaries of the resignation of the president of Harvard University are very interesting.

Liberals can defend themselves with KGB tactics only. The Canadians explain that political correctness has always been good for everyone unless, of course, you are Larry Summers and the guys with the PC eyes come for you. In Australia they ask: and did you think that our universities were politically correct? MIT speculates that the next president will be namby pamby who "rose quietly through the ranks". They also mention that Summers has autographed many dollar bills for admiring students. I must emphasize that it was not just students. It was also for senior professors but also junior scholars like me.

Another newspaper explains that Larry Summers has become a conservative martyr. In this article, David Horowitz concludes that Summers is a liberal but he has been doing the right things. The universities have been taken over, he says, and it is about 10% - the hardline Stalinists - who got rid of Summers. The article argues that moderates as well as some liberals realize that Horowitz is essentially right. In another text, Karl Maher hypothesizes that the events at Harvard will cause the end of political correctness. Mark Sevelis compares Summers' story with that of Herb Kohl. David McClintick who wrote the article about "Harvard in Russia" takes "credit" for the resignation in the New York Times.

The previous article about the numerous responses to Summers' resignation is here.

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