Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Czechia is a new donor

Paul Wolfowitz, the president of the World Bank, has just upgraded the Czech Republic from an underdeveloped country that gets assistance to a developed country that must become a donor. Is it good news or bad news for the country? ;-)

Below, you must move the stained glass to the left in such a way to match the colors of the windows both vertically as well as horizontally, so that the interior of the picture is made of single-colored squares rotated by 45 degrees. I've only finished level 1 to check that the applet works. If you finish it - assuming that it's possible - try to describe the first symbols/letters on the final screen.


  1. It says: "Completed, click to proceed to next level". Took me one minute to finish. It's a child's play for me, who has designed, cut and laid out complicated ceramic floor tiles of very complicated gemmetric patterns in my own house. A total of over 2000 square feet of tiles of different sizes. And the waste is less than 0.2%!

    Tip: Identify corner pieces first, and the rest fall right in.

  2. Dear Quantoken,

    sorry for the misunderstanding but I was assuming that the players complete all levels.

    What you did is good but not good enough here.


  3. It says Congratulations, GameDesign, http://www.gamedesign.jp.

    I expect it to run to level 10. But the highest difficulty is only a 5x5 grid.