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Iranian humor just like ours

Iranian humor can be very similar to ours. This picture is from an article that described Iranian official protests against the publication of the cartoons in two Czech newspapers. Click the picture to get the original source.

Incidentally, another article about the psychological terror against the Czech diplomat in Iran is here. I sort of understand that because of the conditions in Iran, he or she simply has to apologize. Be sure that the Czech government understands very well that whatever happened to Denmark could have happened to the Czech Republic, too. The cartoons were reprinted in the Czech dailies:

  • Mladá fronta DNES (300,000 copies, #1 daily)
  • Hospodářské noviny (#1 daily focusing on economics)
  • Nedělní svět ("Sunday World")
President Klaus was much less sympathetic to those who published the cartoons. He likes to emphasize that the freedom of speech is just a contract between a citizen and a particular government and can't extend internationally because it cannot be enforced internationally. Of course I agree with that. But the Danish journalists have published it in Denmark where they already have a "contract" with the government and others who should protect their freedoms. The local laws are primary.

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