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LHC detects cosmic rays

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has detected the first cosmic rays! The detector is meant to detect muons - and also determine their center-of-mass-system (cms), of course. ;-) How is it possible? Is the LHC completed, you may ask?

Not yet. But some key parts of the muon detector as well as the Cern Control Center (CCC) are completed and running!

If you click at the report, you will also learn about Musharraf's visit to CERN on January 27th. Well, it was a couple of days before the cartoon war started. Today, two weeks after the CERN visit, Musharraf celebrates the fact that the twelve innocent drawings make every Muslim, even the "ultra-moderate" ones, behave just like the wild animals from Al-Qaeda.

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reader Quantoken said...

I was just about to say how could they detect cosmic muons in the underground tunnel. Accelerators are build underground precisely for the purpose to shield from cosmic ray background! Then I read the fine prints and realized that they pushed the whole thing to a surface building to test it using cosmic rays. I would not characterize the muon detector as "completed and running" if it was not even installed on the place yet.

On another note, one man called Musharraf and his personal life is the ONLY THING that prevented Al Quaeda from acquiring a whole nation's nuclear arsenal. One has got to realize how dangerous the situation is, by reading this article. According to the article, "If fair-and-square elections were held today in Pakistan, and bin Laden or someone like him were allowed to compete, there is little doubt the populace would be with such a leader, according to G2 Bulletin sources." Fair and square elections like the kind Hamas win, I guess. Let's pray the democracy does NOT win in Pakistan and that Musharraf remains an iron handed dictator in that country.


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