Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Muslim vs. feminist madness

In comparison with the hypersensitive Muslims who behave like wild animals in the streets of the Islamic world because of twelve innocent drawings, most of the feminists who have shown their sensitivity one year ago look like civilized human beings.

Nevertheless, sometimes we must wonder whether the difference is so large - especially if you read this story from Brockton, Massachusetts, about a person who was suspended for "sexual harassment". The punch line of the story is that the person was a 6-year-old boy who was playing with his classmate and - be prepared for a shock - he touched her T-shirt after she touched him. He was even accused of touching her skin. Wow.

Needless to say, the boy can have no idea what "sexual harassment" means, he can have no hormone-driven desires, and it is questionable whether he can know much more elementary things. The principal of that crazy Downey Elementary School is called Diane Gosselin and the spokeswoman is Cynthia McNally. It is more or less inevitable that most elementary school teachers are female and I've had many very good female teachers as a kid - but this is an example where it can lead if no men are really in charge of the situation.

It is very natural to conjecture that the boys at that school may be intimidated - or terrorized, if you wish - more often than just in this particular case.

Note added later: I was very surprised that there are people - more than one - who are capable to disagree with me on this issue. However, experts agree with all my statements that sexual harassment by 6-year-old boys is physically impossible except for some very rare exceptional cases, so we don't need to know any further details to make a judgement. Other professional psychologists say the very same thing here. Another source calls the story Elementary overkill. It is also the "stunned" education officials who agree that the school officials got mad. In the same article, Boston Globe discusses whether it is possible to move the poor boy from that f**king school to a better school; the mother thinks about it here, too. Your humble correspondent, education officials, and psychologists are not the only ones who dismiss the elementary school's decision: residents are shocked, too. Incidentally, I should have silenced the hypocritical left-wing lunatics already at the beginning by saying that the boy is black.

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  1. Lubos:

    You read into the 6 year sexual harrassment story too much. The world is a big place of lots of people and so weird things happen all the time. This is just one isolated extreme incident and that's exactly why this story made the national news headlines. When things of this nature no longer make headlines, then you need to worry about them.