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The Czech anti-conformist artist David Černý has produced a highly original sculpture called "The Shark".

The work was planned to be displayed in the Fall in the Dronkenput Museum in Belgium but the local officials are afraid that the sculpture is too provocative. It is not known whether it is allowed to visualize Saddam Hussain. An entertaining aspect of this story is that David Černý has created this interesting sculpture as criticism of the U.S. foreign policy. On the other hand, he is an anti-communist and his first famous work was the "pink tank": overnight, Černý had painted pink the Soviet tank #23 that liberated Prague in 1945.

Yes, I think that this is real art that should be funded.

Incidentally, the French are trying to restore the good relationships of the West with the Muslims, much like everyone else. This is why the special issue of Charlie Hebdo published tomorrow has a picture similar to the previous one.

The person on it (PBUH & SAW) complains:

  • It is so hard to be loved by morons.

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