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Czech national character

I don't know the guy on the left but his slogan is rather famous. On the other hand, you may know the guy on the right - yes, it is the good soldier Švejk - but not his slogan.

The slogan says "Vepřová-Knedlík-Zelí" or "Pork-Dumpling-Cabbage" which is a Czech national dinner, in combination with Pilsner beer. Well, I guess that this joke by Jiří Slíva describes not only the Czech national character but many other characters, too.

Via Roman Staněk.

An older joke - the Clintons advise Larry Summers:

Bill also told Larry to create a diversion. "Try bombing Bosnia, or MIT." Click here for more details, here for protests of the Jewish farmers, and here for a poetic protest by a department at Harvard. Another press release informed that a Harvard professor proposed a new introductory course, "Introductory Voodoo economics" to assure that alternative theories of economics, not just those that work, are being taught. :-)

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