Sunday, March 19, 2006

HTTrack, Picasa2, and other software tips

I would like to recommend you some free software that is clearly very helpful.


This new version of Google's picture software is amazing. It quickly finds all your pictures on your PC, shows you their thumbnails that are created and controlled extremely smoothly and quickly - the thumbnails of all files on your computer appear in one long column which is very efficient. You can organize, re-organize the pictures (and videos), sort them according to various criteria you can think of, search for pictures according to a keyword within a fraction of a second, print them, create posters, presentations, CDs, and so forth.


Useful software to recursively copy websites and create various backups and mirrors - for example this snapshot of The Reference Frame - very quickly.

Internet Explorer 7

I've been using it for 7 weeks or so, and it is clearly the best browser you can have these days. No significant bugs detected. It's really true that the only annoyance I see is that IE7 uses ctrl/shift for a new function related to tabs although I am used to use it to switch between the Czech and English keyboards.

Write lumidek to the "referred by" field. A very cheap and reliable long distance phone card with a complete internet control over your calls. 15 abbreviations for frequently used numbers. Allows to define stations from which the PIN code does not have to be dialed. Cheap modem connection for your laptop - if you're anywhere where they have telephones, a toll-free call can always connect you to the internet.


The state-of-the-art (secure) FTP (file transfer protocol) client which is not only Czech but also the best one. Putty.exe is the corresponding recommended SSH - secure telnet client.

Spider 5 clicks screenshots

You really need five clicks only to create a JPG file with whatever you see somewhere on your screen.

Google Earth

Explore the Earth and every house on it from a satellite's reference frame. Get directions, restaurants, and create your nuclear explosion.

AVIRA antivirus

Annoyed with your antivirus? Does it require subscriptions? Try this free state-of-the-art software.

Windows Defender

Formerly known as Microsoft's Antispyware has gotten much better.

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