Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kadima party wins & mess in France & Summers' annihilation of poverty

Breaking news: the Kadima party, the center-right party that was formed by Ariel Sharon after he left the right-wing Likud, has won about 30 seats in the Israeli Parliament that has 120 seats. Labor Party will be around 22 seats, Beitenu (Russian) around 12 seats. Likud's Netanyahu with 11 seats admitted a "body blow" to his party and is expected to resign. Pensioners will take 7 seats or so.


Meanwhile, France is paralyzed by new strikes organized by a new Jacobin club. These young people are revolutionaries. In fact, they are very odd revolutionaries who don't want to change the world. Instead, they want to preserve all the socialist constructs that became so normal in France. Preserve them for themselves.

Of course, France can no longer afford these things. The unemployment among the young people under 26 is about 23 percent. The employers are afraid to hire anyone because they would have to guarantee all the socialist achievements for these employees. As Quantoken obviously misunderstands, when it's hard to fire, it's better for the company not to try to hire.

The government has decided that the job market must become more flexible and they have created a new law that allows the employers to fire the young people for 2 years without inventing convoluted explanations. The young students don't like it and the young non-students are even worse. The latter group attacks both the government as well as the young students.

The only reason why I am not ashamed of these officially young but morally old people - who are, indeed, similar to some of the retired workers from Czechoslovakia who loved the paternalistic communism - is that I don't find my citizenship in the European Union to be one of the two most important parts of my identity.

If you didn't know: the Jacobin Club was the first Stalinist organization in the world that became powerful at the end of the French revolution during the Reign of Terror when about 30,000 people were executed. It was led by people like Jean-Paul Marat who was a killer analogous to Che Guevara and by Robespierre who was a left-wing radical metrosexual analogous to - but worse than- Howard Dean. Of course, the lunatics from the French streets mattered, too. Thanks God, the terror ended on 7/28/1794 when Robespierre and his 21 associates were executed.

If you think that I am the only one who compares the French left-wing revolutionaries to Stalin, you may want to know that Jean-Robert Pitte, the president of Sorbonne, is "ashamed of his country" where "Stalin is not yet dead". He explained that "France is his last refuge". Pitte had opposed the protests in 1968, too. If you guess that the article must mention that Sorbonne's president has similar reasonable opinions as Harvard's president, you guess correctly.

Summers will eliminate poverty from the Milky Way

If you are interested, Larry Summers just hails Dubai's economic strategies and they praise him. Yesterday, Summers recommended the International Monetary Fund to run a half-a-trillion USD hedge fund. The main goal of this modest but meaningful proposal is to eliminate poverty from the Solar System - and probably beyond - by replacing the incompetent managers in the Third World by competent managers supervised by IMF. Many underdeveloped countries have huge financial reserves that are not dealt with efficiently.

The left-wing activists did not realize that by firing Summers, they will initiate - if you allow me to exaggerate just a little bit - a daily transfer of half a trillion USD in the right direction, a direction that they viscerally hate. ;-)

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