Monday, March 06, 2006

ROTC back to campuses

A few minutes ago, the Supreme Court has decided that the colleges that accept federal money must allow the recruiters on campus. While Lawrence Summers has always been proud about ROTC, the radical progressives were always opposed to it. For example, they wanted the don't-ask-don't-tell policy (blocking openly gay and lesbian people from the military) be replaced with their ask-and-say-proudly-you're-a-gay policy as the basic assumption of affectionate relationships between the soldiers from all groups.

The Crimson reports here.

John Roberts has shown that he deserves his 1976 degree from Harvard when he appreciated that the legal arguments of the opponents of the Solomon amendment were unjustifiable. The opponents argued that the mere presence of the recruiters on campus restricted the freedom of speech (and of association) of the university. This is such a nonsense that I am kind of puzzled how this line of defense could have survived for such a long time.

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