Thursday, March 30, 2006

Searching for the answers

This blog had to face about 2,000 additional hits on Wednesday plus 3,000 extra hits on Thursday and 2,700 extra hits on Friday because many people are apparently very curious what was the real motive of Winkler's murder, a very sad event that has stunned America a week ago. It seems obvious to me that the Tennessee officials and Mary Winkler herself (plus a few more conceivable exceptions) are the only ones who know the reasons behind the murder. It is known that the reason was a very particular thing. If this insight leaked, it would probably spread over the internet very quickly.

This fact can't discourage the Americans from searching for the answers on the web. What answers do the search engines offer?

At any rate, the search engines are obviously using superficially reasonable algorithms. What the people are looking for are really theories which is why they must offer their customers websites that analyze the theory of everything. Such a theory might, in principle, also include the answer to the question Why did Mary Winkler kill her husband... The only problem is that our current knowledge of string theory is not sufficient to calculate observables such as the motive of this particular murder. It is also too primitive to be able to save Matthew Winkler's life...

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