Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shirley Ann Jackson - a new Summers?

Shirley Ann Jackson is a millionaire. She is the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is female. She is black. As the first MIT's black female PhD, Shirley Jackson is an exceptional black scientist. In fact, she is a particle physicist. And yes, she may be considered as a candidate for the president of Harvard University. My preliminary research shows that it could be a relative victory for Harvard.


  1. Lubos:

    Dr. Jackson definitely is NOT a new "Summers". She is a female, a category that according to Summers, must be lacking "innate ability". She would consider it an insult on her, not a compliment on her when you say she is a new "Summers".

  2. Dear Quantoken,

    first of all, the differences between sexes are of statistical nature. Second of all, these lacking innate abilities that were widely discussed are not necessarily related to the same activities that are required for this particular job, although they may be. Third, you are almost definitely right that "new Summers" is not a completely realistic description. Fourth, if Dr Jackson would not consider this potential comparison to be a compliment, it is her problem, not mine.

    I certainly meant it as a potential compliment although the comparison of her with a personality of Summers' magnitude is almost certainly a big exaggeration, especially before she has shown anything at Summers' level.

    Best wishes