Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Time magazine: Another Ice Age?

An unusually chilly spring has delayed planting in Canada and the harvest will disappoint.

The cooling trend shows no signs that it will be reverted. The apparently contradictory weather effects show, in fact, a global climatic upheaval. If you average the temperature over the planet, it has been gradually decreasing in the past few decades. Since the 1940s, the temperatures dropped by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climatological Cassandras who foresee the misfortune are increasingly apprehensive because the weather anomalies they study seem to be the harbinger of another ice age.

Telltale signs are everywhere, from the unusually thick Icelandic ice to the migration of the warmth-loving armadillo from the Midwest. Satellites have shown that three years ago, the ice has grown by 12 percent during one year. The Baffin Island used to be snow-free. Now it's covered by snow all the time.

There are many other independent proofs of global cooling. The cap of high-altitude cold winds, the circumpolar vortex, is widening and causes droughts in Africa. The humankind may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend because of farming and fuel burning. Whatever is the cause of the cooling trend, the effects may be catastrophic. It has been calculated that a decrease of solar radiation by 1% means that the tipping point has been breached.

Some scientists like Donald Oilman suggest that cooling may be only temporary.

Current climate is exceptional and we are likely to return to the ice age. But even if the new ice age won't come in the full force, global food will be sharply reduced. Kenneth Hare, the ex-president of the Royal Meteorological Society, warns that the world's population above 4 billion people is unsustainable if there will be three more disastrous years as the last one. If you want to know more details, read:
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Unless you want to use your brain. Well, as you can see, when I was born, the world already was a s**tty place although I must admit that the articles in MCMLXXIIII were still a bit less crazy than those that are being written today, in MMVI. The MCMLXXIIII article at least contains many more mechanisms and local details than the contemporary one. Certain fields of science have deteriorated, indeed. And the Time magazine has replaced a moderate global cooling with a hysterical global warming.

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