Thursday, March 09, 2006

World by 2100

Some people like to predict the technological and social breakthroughs in the future... Unfortunately, essentially all of their predictions for years up to 2005 have already been falsified. But something is left...

2005 - 2006

Dalibor Janda, a Czech singer, predicted in his song "Všechno na Mars" from the 1980s that in 2005, the people would "shoot" all the (redundant) horses to Mars, and the robots would do the same thing with the people in 2006. Twenty years later, we can announce that Dalibor Janda was wrong, despite millions of crowns that he earned by his CDs, hopefully for the music.


Biotech terrorist attack goes wrong
Evolved crime destroys human systems
Global civil war between cybernations
Hackers wipe out networks, causing chaos and mass starvation
The hostile arrival of ETs detecting our transmissions
Viruses become immune to all known treatments
End of the Nation State
Foetal Sex Selection Becomes the Norm


Computers and robots become superior to humans
Self-aware machine intelligence
Third world exodus destabilises global system
Computers/Robots think like humans


Collapse of the sperm count
Global epidemic with high speed travel and high population density
Global famine caused by manmade environmental change
Hybrid nanotech-organic creatures
International social collapse - widespread civil conflict
Major information systems disruption
Major technology or science research accident
Rise of a global machine dictator
Total social breakdown in US or Europe
Fuel cells replace internal combustion engines
Life Expectancy Approaches 100
Nanotechnology takes off


Megacities cause global epidemic
Nanotech development by individuals
Nanotechnology accident
Networks become conscious and won't co-operate
Second World Nation Demonstrates Development of Nanotech Weapons


Elimination by smart machines - terminator
Nanotechnology war
Humans access net directly, become an integral part of global information system.
No-Carbon Economy Worldwide


Creation of Star Trek's Borg
Fatal climatic instability
Global electromagnetic communications disrupted for foreseeable future
Religious environmentalism destroys environment


Political correctness creates new dark age
Whole generation unable to effectively read, write, think, and work


Human genetic engineering creates hostile super-race


Humans assimilated into net
Invention of elimination phaser
Time travel invented


Faster than light travel
Immortality chip - people move into cyberspace


Doubly special relativity and loop quantum gravity were clearly used for some of the most far-reaching predictions. Well, I would probably make a bet that at least 90% of the events above won't occur. The last event in 2040 and the first event in 2050 may be an exception.

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