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George Bush meets Prof. Albert Einstein

As soon as Lee Smolin asked the question

several gifted Korean engineers from a company called Hanson Robotics gave a possible answer by asking a better question:

Click the link above to see the final stages of the project. Anatomical pictures are here. The engineers decided that the body was not too important - what matters is Einstein's brain (plus face, to make a good package). They replaced the body by a robot.

Everything has worked fine so Prof. Albert Einstein, nicknamed Albert HUBO, could meet with the president of the United States of America. It is widely believed that Hon. George W. Bush has convinced Prof. Albert Einstein to oppose the attempts of Einstein's colleagues to force Bush to take the nuclear option off the table. HUBO said that the Iranians could be working on the same bomb.

Click the photograph above or here to see a directory with many other photographs. Einstein's robotic brother ASIMO supervised by Koizumi, the prime minister of Japan, has met the former Czech prime minister Špidla in 2003 and demonstrated that Špidla was a sourball. See here.

So far, Prof. Einstein, much like Honda's ASIMO, only knows how to walk, serve tea, and compute spin foam amplitudes, so it is not terribly useful. But they hope to teach Einstein quantum mechanics and bosonic string theory next week and how to climb stairs in a few years.

Meeting a robot in 1999

In 1999 or so, when I was at Rutgers, I met a robot in the Busch campus dining hall. He came to us, shaked my hand and we talked about everything - including Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. His voice was a typical computer voice equipped with a very authentic human intonation. He was so interesting and smart! The debate was much more meaningful than most debates with various loop quantum gravity people and many others. I was stunned: have they already succeeded to create artificial intelligence that exceeds not only 90% of people but also many senior professors?

The answer was mysterious for half a day. Later I could re-check that it was a "synthetic personality" that was remotely controlled by a human being from about 50 meters. The human being could see through the robot's eyes, and he could control the motion and submit his speech that was transformed into the computerized voice color.

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snail feedback (3) :

reader Quantoken said...

Looking at the photos one can't help but feel amazed because it looks so FUNNY. The point is the president of the most powerful country in the world would shake hand with a MACHINE. Isn't that odd? It's a machine no matter how sophisticate. It's like it's OK for a 6 year old girl to hug a teddy bear and go to bad because she was curious and thought the teddy bear was alive and had mind. But try to imagine Bush also hugs a teddy bear and go to bed. That would be real funny, wouldn't it?

Your intelligence is on the low side if it took you half a day to realize that current computer technology is far from reaching the sophistication to simulate a human being in any way remotely approaching human intelligence.

About the petition letter. It is endorsed by many big names including Witten and Anderson etc. I support the letter, too. I hold the opinion that Iran must not be allowed to develope nuclear weapons, and if it comes to the point of last resort, we need to handle the problem militarily.

But I am against using nuclear weapons for the job. You could succeed in wiping out Iran's nuclear capability, but the consequence of using nuclear weapon is so serious that simply allowing Iran to have nukes would have been a better option. Once you use nukes against a none-nuclear country, the Pandora box is opened and all hells break loose. And you can call that Shit Hit The Fan.

Even a massive conventional ground troop invation would have been better.

reader Simon said...

"Once you use nukes against a none-nuclear country,..."

Strange, I thought the US had already done that

reader Quantoken said...

That was BEFORE the nuclear none-proliferation treaty. The treaty itself is based on the presumption that if a country doesn't have nukes, it is less likely to be attacked by nukes. The treaty itself is now in a shaky situation and if the US attacked Iran using nukes, that's the end of the treaty.

At current time, there is virtually no technology barrier for for any country, or even any organization with decent size, to acquire nuclear weapons. The physics principle how it works is incredibly simple. Put two chunks of U235 metal together, approximately 2 kilogram, and it explodes.

Really the only thing that prevented nuclear technology from spreading further than it already does, are political wills. Once you break that, we will very soon live in a world that any country that manufactures AK-47 riffle also manufacture nuclear bombs. It's going to be a much more dangerous world than just one Iran.

Most people have no doubt that ET civilizations must exist in abundance in the universe. Why we have not encountered any is a mistery. Maybe the answer is that long before any civilization acquires the technology necessary for inter-stellar traveling, they would have acquired nuclear technology and they would have exhausted most of their precious natural resources. And they would be annihilated in self destruction in an assuring global resource war that guaranteed mutually assured destruction using nuclear weapons.

Can human beings be an exception? Not likely if the minds of Lubos alike are dorminant.

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