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Happy Easter

Something analogous to annihilating letters, jumping frog, shooting frog, and stained glass. Click here for Easter eggs in full screen.

Cuba vs. Czechia 1:1

Meanwhile, Cuba has expelled the Czech diplomat, Mr. Stanislav Kázecký, for spying on behalf of the U.S. - which is most likely not true. The Czech Republic has followed all the decent traditions and refused to extend the visa for a Cuban diplomat, too. :-) While the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was one of Cuba's closest friends, the Czech Republic is its #2 foe. A large portion of the U.N. resolutions that criticize the situation in Cuba as well as the trade restrictions for the European Union members have been proposed by the Czech Republic.

There have been many recent incidents between the two countries. For example, the countrymate of mine above is a psychologist called Helena Houdová. (In fact, she is my citymate, from Pilsen.) She was former Miss Czech Republic 1999 and the Dean's world hero of the week.

In January 2006, she decided to take pictures of the Cuban slums, something that Fidel Castro pretends not to exist. She was immediately arrested (together with her friend, Mariana Kroftová, who is also a model) - for taking the pictures - and the commies have confiscated her film. As you can imagine, those communist morons can't really compete with a modern capitalist young woman from the Czech Republic and her state-of-the-art technologies. She stored a memory card from her digital camera in her bra. Today, she is showing the alarming pictures of the "island of freedom" all around the world.

Cuba has canceled various celebrations of the Czech national holidays and expelled or temporarily arrested many Czech citizens - the aristocrat Schwarzenberg and the politician Ivan Pilip (with his friend Filip Bubeník) are two most well-known examples. You can try to liberate Pilip by shooting 50 Cuban agents here.

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