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How to spend 6 billion dollars?

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What is the best way to spend 6 billion dollars?
Two weeks of Kyoto
ILC: the linear collider
One month of war in Iraq
Millions of free PCs for kids
Ten space shuttle flights
Free polls from
Additional comments: the world pays about 6 billion dollars for two weeks of the Kyoto protocol which cools down the Earth by 0.00006 degrees or so. The International Linear Collider would have the capacity to measure physics at several TeV more accurately than the LHC, but it is also more expensive - about 6 billion dollars. The U.S. pays 6 billion dollars for one month of the military presence in Iraq. One could buy 60 million computers for kids if the price were $100 as MIT promises. Whenever you launch space shuttle, you pay about 600 million USD.

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