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Iran may nuke Czechia, Italy, Romania

According to Haaretz, Iran has just received a first batch of BM-25 missiles from its ally in the Axis of Evil, namely North Korea. They are able to carry nuclear warheads and attack countries such as the Czech Republic, Italy, and Romania.

Such a conflict is not hard to start. Imagine that sometime in the future, for example on August 22nd, 2006, Iranian troops suddenly attack Romanian oil rigs on their territory. Romania will respond nervously - and the mad president of Iran will have an opportunity to check out his nukes.

The Czech Republic is, together with England, one of two European countries on an Iranian black list of countries whose citizens are not allowed to get 15-day visa for Iran. Some Muslims in the Czech Republic preach that Islamic Shari'a law should be adopted by Czechia.

The diplomatic relations between Czechia and Iran cooled down 8 years ago when the Radio Liberty (more precisely in Iran: Radio Tomorrow) started to broadcast anti-government programs in Persian from Prague. See here.

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