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John Brodie - sad story

Today, Rutland Herald offers a very sad story about

whom many people, not only at Princeton University, Stanford University and the Perimeter Institute, know pretty well. John has suffered from bipolar mental illness - the same disorder that Mary Winkler has been treated for - and jumped into a cold river on January 28th, 2006.

Technically, his most well-known paper was his work with Amihay Hanany about brane boxes but the paper he co-authored and one can't forget is

with Bernevig, Susskind, and Toumbas about the construction of the quantum Hall effect from D-branes.

Via Not Even Wrong.

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snail feedback (4) :

reader Quantoken said...

How sad! It is not too unusual for certain people to have certain mental disorder. But I am quite surprised that a string theorist needs to work a part time job packaging grocery bags in a supermarket, in order to supplement family income. That should NOT have any correlation with the fact that he had some sort of mental disorder. Nash was sick for decades before recovering but he never needed to work a second part time job. Did the school cut his pay once they discovered that John Brodie had mental disorder? How unkind that would have been!!!

Lubos I wish you a strong mind so that if one day you need to work in a gas station or pizza delivery, you have a perfectly healthy mind and be just as happy. At least you would have done something useful, instead of wasting your whole life on a pursuit of ideas that leads to nowhere.

Thank you for the Nuking Iran post. I saw it some where else before reading yours. But it enhanced my conviction of what's coming, to the degree that I went agrea and bought some of the most ancient money. A few hours later it absolutely exploded. I advice you do the same and buy some nice metal coins quick, so that you have a future free of grocery bag packing. Due to super symmetry, we will see gold becomes silver and silver becomes gold in just a few years. And the counterfeit gold will become real gold! Believe me!

reader Rae Ann said...

quantoken, you obviously did not read the Rutland Herald article or you'd know that he was a grocery bagger by choice and not because of academic failure. And it DOES correlate to his bipolar disorder. (Lubos doesn't need to waste his time dealing with your ignorance, so I'll do it.)

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Rae,

you've temporarily saved Quantoken's comment that many other people proposed to be erased. ;-)

My tolerance for comments is higher than the average, and because you have responded to Quantoken, I must preserve both.

All the best

reader Rae Ann said...

Please feel free to delete mine with his... sorry for the trouble. :-)

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