Monday, April 24, 2006

Translation and related news

Just a technical detail: I've added two utilities to the web pages of individual articles:
  • related news and searches, powered by Google (blue box under each article)
  • translations of the blog articles to German, French, and Spanish, powered by Google (three flags at the top of the articles)

I apologize to the readers from the remaining 142 countries that also visit this website - according to the Neocounter - besides the three countries indicated above that their language has yet to be included. :-)

Recent comments

Also, "recent comments" were added to the sidebar of the main page. The recent slow comments in the lower Manhattan (skyscraper) area are sorted according to the corresponding article. You may find out which article the comment belongs to if you hover over the timestamp. You can also click it.

There are also ten "recent fast comments" in a scrolling window at the upper portion of the sidebar.

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