Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture Fund

You are invited to contribute to the Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture Fund which has been set up to endow a lecture in Andrew's name in perpetuity at the University of Cambridge.

There will be memorial services for Andrew in Oxford on June the 9th and in Cambridge on June the 10th. Please see www.andrewchamblin.org for specific details.

Figure 1: Picture by Clifford Johnson

Please: any nonzero amount will be helpful. Because I didn't feel too rich or financially safe, I contributed $30 only: the cheque was sent from Cambridge in New England (which means in America) to "Cambridge in America" (which actually belongs to the English Cambridge). Colonization and especially decolonization may be confusing.

You will find the relevant PDF or WORD files for the U.S. or the rest of the world at this website:
Think about it and ask your colleagues, especially those who knew him, to think about it, too. Andrew Chamblin deserves it.

As soon as you decide to send the form, indicating that the gift is for Andrew Chamblin, together with your cheque or your electronic card number, you may also want to inform Jo Ashbourn
  • hacmemorial [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk
so that she will add you to the list of donors if you wish to be added, or let her know that you prefer your contribution to remain anonymous. If you find snail mail inconvenient, you can also send "N" dollars and 64 cents where "N" is integer (identification) to me via PayPal, and every time the accumulated money exceeds $30, I will send all the collected resources to the fund.

Warning: PayPal subtracts a percentage for the operations and it can't be guaranteed that the amount you pay will exactly agree with what the fund receives; the paypal method is preferred for anonymous donors.

Don't be afraid to click the icon above. Several additional clicks are needed to complete the transaction.

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