Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Be big

I just returned from the airport. Additional 4 hours have probably solved it. The negotiation at the airport took one hour because the smart woman from the yesterday's telephone reserved a flight from Frankfurt that departs 12 hours before the previous connecting flight arrives in Frankfurt. Usually it is the other way around: first you arrive at the airport, and then you depart and continue to another city. But apparently causality is not quite a universal rule. :-)

The FAS faculty meeting is getting started right now. Larry will definitely say a lot of wise things, and I am sure that even the segments will realize that what he says is deep and true. But I don't have to see it. When I was walking around the Science Center, Lisa and Melissa were making fun of me that I was not going to see "my man". Surely this is a lost battle and there is no point in seeing triumph in the politically correct, feminist faces. People who shared my ideals had to watch similar events in 1917, 1933, 1948, August 1968, and in many other moments of the human history.

Wednesday update: the meeting is described here.

Figure 1: Be big, Summers told the undergrads on Monday evening.

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