Monday, May 01, 2006

Clifford Johnson accepts Jesus Christ (almost)

Clifford Johnson from Cosmic Variance was

He has learned that the Christians can be great people and in principle, they could even become scientists. One can talk to them, smile at them, and respect them as human beings. They can write and they do write lovelier articles about Clifford than the left-wing atheists. Such an experience makes a difference.

Indeed, Clifford

and it went wonderfully: singing with the piano, clapping, preaching. Indeed, Clifford has found out that the Christians can be more human and more friendly people than the officers of PC police. Moreover, some verses from the Bible resonated with the message he wanted to give.

Of course, the idea of Clifford Johnson in the church was rather controversial at Cosmic Variance. Religion is viewed as the source of all lies in the world by Sean Carroll. He emphasizes that religion is not necessarily evil: it is just false. And one must do everything to fight it; see, for example, these 172 pages.

More seriously, there are some scientifically strange things that many Christians believe. But there are also many scientifically strange things that left-wingers such as Sean Carroll believe. I have discussed the fact that the color or the amount of religion in some ideas cannot universally predict their scientific strength.

Moreover, I still view religion as the basis of moral principles in our society. Yes, I am primarily talking about the judeo-Christian tradition. But more generally, religions showed their power to give our lives a direction. Religions can't provide us with the final word about difficult scientific questions; but they have been and they are a part of the transformation of skillful monkeys to human beings.

Science and religion were born into the same cradle. Their diversification only occured when the human civilization made many other important steps.

Although it has always been clear that I would remain an infidel, the Christian environment is something that many of us are able to live with. If we had to spend years with extraterrestrial aliens, it could be difficult - but if they were Christians, things could simplify dramatically. ;-)

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  1. Your post is interusting. The idea that religion and science ( evolution I'm presuming ) can exist in relative and debatable harmony is hard to grasp. Either were really smart monkeys without a purpose or reason to take another breath, or we have a God who designed and built us for a reason higher than just "kickin it" on earth for a while. And might I add, religion is the "learning or practising" witch does nothing for the soul. Worshiping is the devoted following and aiding in Gods plans and pleasure.