Sunday, May 28, 2006

Climate change: leading by example

In 1998, a famous company received the Climate Protection Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its
  • examplary efforts and achievements in protecting the global climate.

The company became even more famous in 2002. The company is popular with the media again. If you make a search at for the company's name, you will receive 16,500 articles.

In a document linked below, the company declares itself as a key leader of the struggle against the climate change. Do you know which company we're talking about? The ecoterrorists among the readers surely praise the company at this moment and dream that the whole world is able to reconcile economics and environment as well as the company ;-), while they think that my negative relation to that company's policies is unjustified. If you still don't know which company it is, look at this PDF file posted on Steve McIntyre's blog.

One of the lessons of this story is that you should think twice before you decide whether you consider awards from environmental agencies to be a good sign or a bad sign.

Short world news:

  • During his visit to Auschwitz, Benedict XVI has criticized God for being silent during the era of holocaust. God was not available to comment on the criticism.
  • The earthquake in Indonesia killed more than 4611 people.
  • Microsoft will include a "JPEG killer" with Windows Vista, namely a new format WiMP - which does not stand for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles but rather Windows Media Photo. The same quality of pictures will take 50% of JPEG space only.

Gore: climate change is a religious issue

Al Gore has been saying that the global warming is a spiritual issue for some time. Now he has changed it to a purely religious issue during his performance in the New York City. He said:

  • Every faith tradition has teachings that are directly on point [to climate change]. ... The Book of Revelation [says] God will destroy those who destroy his creation. Whatever works. ... Noah was commanded to preserve biodiversity. ... If you believe what [NASA scientist] Jim Hansen said just a moment ago - if you believe, if you accept the reality that we may have less than 10 years before we cross a point of no return - if you believe that, this is a time for action.

Nevertheless, some people still argue that blinded religious bigots must always be Republicans. ;-)

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