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Colombia: Uribe will be re-elected

A Harvard alumnus is going to win the second term as the president of Colombia. He will score 62% of the vote, The Reference Frame predicts, and be sure that we're right.

Alvaro Uribe who started in the Colombian Liberal Party (moderate social democrats) is very popular especially because he has been successful on the security front. For example, the number of murders dropped from 36,000 per year 2002 - when he was elected - to 15,000 in 2005.

Recall that Colombia used to be paralyzed by the Marxist guerillas, a rather weak government, and right-wing paramilitias that tried to do the job that the government was not able to do: to establish the order. The armed left-wingers are not only exterminating villages but also support drug trafficking: one half of cocaine sold on the streets of the U.S. and EU comes from the guerillas.

Indeed, things are black and white in this country.

What was Uribe's strategy? Well, his strategy to bring peace and order to Colombia was obvious: to shoot every armed communist that can be found but cannot be arrested, and to do it so efficiently that the paramilitias will accept that they are no longer necessary and can be disarmed. Sorry to say but the armed communists who simultaneously work as labor leaders undermining the Coca-Cola company should be no exception.

Shooting the Marxists was probably never too difficult for Uribe because the communist thugs from FARC have killed his father in 1983 - and of course they have also tried to assassinate Uribe himself many times. Uribe claims that the country must choose between him and a catastrophe, and he is probably close to the truth. What is the name of the catastrophe?

The first name of a rival is Carlos Gaviria who is a commie himself. Instead of praising Uribe for the clearly right approach, the communist rival criticizes Uribe for being a friend of the U.S. Fortunately, Uribe is 35 percent points ahead of Gaviria. Among other things, Uribe has signed a free trade treaty with the U.S. The GDP growth in 2005 was 5.3%, exactly like the 1st quarter of 2006 growth in the U.S.

I wish them the best, and I hope that once they completely defeat FARC, they may also be able to deal with the supporters of terrorism in neighboring countries - such as the bastard named Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

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