Friday, May 19, 2006

Ecoterrorists attack Rona Ambrose

Rona Ambrose, the environment minister of Canada, is not only the official Canada's sexiest politician but also a potential new Iron Lady of Canada. ;-)

She realizes that the Kyoto protocol is expensive madness without any positive measurable effects. Moreover, Canada can't reduce the CO2 emissions as planned which is another good reason for Canada not to like the international treaty. Instead of the expected 6% drop of the CO2 emissions, the previous hypocritical liberal government led the country to a 35% increase.

Ambrose also realizes that Canada only produces 2% of the world's emissions. Surely the importance of Canada in similar issues is and should be well above 2%. The country is able to invent and install new technologies at places where it really matters if it turns out to be desirable.

The list of ecoterrorists who are not only uglier and less reasonable than the Canadian minister of environment ;-) but who are also overly aggressive and who attempted to attack Stephen Harper and Rona Ambrose includes
Shame on all of you. Incidentally, if you ask why I use the word "ecoterrorist", let me tell you that by ecoterrorism, I mean sabotaging industry, institutions, private and public assets, and factories whose working is important for the whole population, justified by arguments based on their "struggle for the environment".

Even according to the current policies, the annual cost of the deliberate acts of the people from the climate change movement - acts that incidentally and demonstrably have no measurable effect on the global temperatures - exceeds the total cost of direct and indirect material damages of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. This is why the whole climate change movement is not only ecoterrorism but a rather expensive one.

Another reason to call them ecoterrorists is the fact that they are physically dangerous. As Edmonton Sun has reported, she had to travel to a conference by her minivan instead of the bus, to avoid the angry ecoterrorist mob.

Of course that Canada should not resign as a leader of the Kyoto negotiations because there is some chance that common sense and rational thinking will return to the climate debates at the international level. Also, Canada should join the Asia-Pacific Partnership, also known as Kyoto Lite, and work on the retirement of the Kyoto protocol, something that has no room in the 21st century.

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