Thursday, June 01, 2006

Extraterrestrial aliens in Fermiville

Shocked by the noise? Click here to get to the previous article about the evolving fine-structure constant, and to browse the articles one by one. Sorry. ;-) Otherwise click "Start" on the TV below, but not "Skip", and watch Bc. Steve in Fermiville. The flash is from the website of sci.physics.strings (SPS) national DOT org.
If you ask me whether I fully understand what's going on here, the answer is No. Your explanations of the role of the alien etc. will be welcome.

One thing is clear: the American Institute of Physics is trying to convince kids that one should study physics in order to become a fighter pilot, video game designer, or a fashion technologist. This may sound unusual but I actually think it is a good idea from AIP.

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