Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Henry Paulson may replace John Snow

Henry Paulson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, only has one quarter of the hits of your humble correspondent or one twelfth of the hits of Lawrence Summers who was doing the same job a couple years ago. He was nominated to replace John Snow as the secretary of treasury.

Given the fact that the department of treasury
  • prints and mints all coins and banknotes of the world's main reserve currency,
  • collects all U.S. taxes through the IRS and pays all the bills on behalf of the U.S.,
  • supervises all national banks,
  • manages the federal finances and the public debt,
  • advises on domestic and international financial, economical, fiscal, trade, and tax policies,
  • enforces financial and tax laws,
  • and investigates tax evaders, counterfeiters, smugglers, forgers - besides their struggle against spirits distillers and gun law violators,

I think that there should be more attention given to the identity of the person who is chosen for this work, and I offer you the following

He certainly looks like an intelligent gentleman. A website that predicted that he would be chosen one month ago, also points out that Paulson is the chairman of The Nature Conservancy (yes, the website is at nature.org), an environmental organization with the annual income around 1 billion dollars (that's not a typo). Nice hobby. ;-)

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