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How to spend 6 billion dollars - results

After 151 votes, the percentual gains seem to be rather constant, so let me close the polls. The results are the following:

  1. ILC: the linear collider, 47%
  2. Millions of PC for kids, 31%
  3. Two weeks of Kyoto, 11%
  4. One month of war in Iraq, 8%
  5. Ten space shuttle flights, 3%
The message is that the Pentagon and especially NASA should either improve their public relations or modify their military or research goals because their result is worse than the support for the mad agreement to prevent the climate from changing.

On the contrary, the voters have shown that a new linear collider should be built, and to a lesser extent, they have also demonstrated a pretty good support for the MIT plan to produce millions of $100 laptops for the kids in the third world.

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