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Identity of CapitalistImperialistPig: poll

Update 2011: The right answer is actually not Kevin E. Cahill, as David M. told me, despite a huge number of similarities. The right answer is Edward Measure, a military's atmospheric scientist in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Note that the favorite quote on Facebook coincides with the quote on Pig's blog. In 2004, I exchanged an e-mail about string theory with Measure. He loved Zwiebach's book, among other things. In the following years, I was aware that Pig was visiting my websites from Zianet in Las Cruces.

Update: In 2009, pig claimed to be from Montana. An environment guy who was born in Helena, Montana and who moved to New Mexico is Paul Lavigne.
Frequent readers know CapitalistImperialistPig, often abbreviated as CIP. His blog is here:

CIP has been trained as a physicist, he has worked on atmospheric science most of his life, and is "damn mad at the moment". We know that he is 3/16 German and 1/16 Czech. The profit from stocks is enough to assure his happy life. CIP has told us that his wife is a teacher. His location is described as a Nowhere State University in Southwest USA.

Those of us who can track visits to our blogs know that the university is New Mexico State University and it is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. His internet provider is which is not much information because many people use it in New Mexico, don't they?

Who is CapitalistImperialistPig?
August Miller
Henry Rachele
someone I will mention in the comments
someone else
mysteries should remain mysteries
Free polls from

Candidate 1: August Miller

August Miller is a professor emeritus at that university in the physics department and has been working on atmospheric science. He uses the internet provider. The last name is German. His wife, Darlis Miller, is an emeritus professor, too. Miller is an amateur radio enthusiast with many e-mail addresses.

Candidate 2: Henry Rachele

Henry Rachele got his bachelor degree as a mathematician and physicist, much like the first graduate degree. Then he moved to meteorology where he worked most of his life, for the U.S. army labs in New Mexico.

Candidate 3: Ronald Pinnick

The last name of Ronald Pinnick sounds like "Pig". After working on nuclear tests, he was into atmospheric sciences, and is now in the CS directorate.

CIP: hint

CIP says that "he knows both of them, especially Henry" but he argues that "he is neither Henry nor Gus". So it is up to you to solve the puzzle. Incidentally, when you're learning Czech, be careful, especially if there are ice-hockey players around.

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reader Anonymous said...

I agree that I am not CIP. Furthermore, I think I can make a better guess than those previously posted.


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