Saturday, May 20, 2006

Princeton videos

On the page of

you can find many interesting lectures, for example

  • David Gross (4 lectures), introduced by Edward Witten
  • James Baker, ex-secretary of state
  • Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Seymour Hersh, investigative journalist
  • Noah Feldman
  • Vera Rubin, co-discoverer of dark matter
  • Roger Penrose: Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy
  • Juan Maldacena
  • Lech Walesa

Revenge to a distasteful minister

If you want to see a newer video, namely from today, you can see this

  • communication between the former and current healthcare ministers of the Czech Republic

The former minister said: Before I start to moderate, allow me to deal with one purely personal issue. Thank you. - Smash. - Mr. minister Rath was warned in advance. I warned him through the press. It is my purely private matter. He deserves it. - Many dentists applaud.

BBC reports here.

A music videoclip is here.

A parody is here.

After the current minister returns, he says: Mr. doctor. We won't be solving it here. You attacked me from the back as a coward. Why didn't you face me as a real man? You are a coward! - Smash. Boom. Bang. Mr. Macek had to leave the conference hall. He explained that he hit Mr. Rath for educational purposes, and in order to defend the good name of Macek's wife: Rath claimed in the press that Macek only married her because of her money.


Congratulations to the Czech ice-hockey team. After beating the Finns 3:1, they will defend the gold from the World Championship against the winner of the match Sweden vs. Canada that will start at 1:15 PM EDT today - namely with Sweden.

Other Czech news: Petra Němcová, a supermodel who survived the 2004 tsunami, could be dating Bruce Willis (now in Cannes). At least Bruce Willis, a guy next to me in a list of right-wing atheists who donated over $50,000 to her charity and did not even get the telephone number, describes their relation in this way. Before the elections in early June, the right-wing opposition Civic Democrats have about 30 percent, the Social Democrats leading the current government have about 25 percent, the Communists about 15 percent, and the Christian Democrats much like a new powerful subject, an undefined vague group of independents called the Green Party (and supported by the ex-president Havel), have around 10 percent each. Others won't surpass the 5 percent cutoff although Vladimír Železný's well-defined Independents are the strongest losing subject with roughly 2.5 percent. BPS which is expected to receive 1 percent has nothing to do with supersymmetry: it is Balvín's Poetic Party led by George Hero who is not a chairman but rather an "ingenious governor". The Equal Chances (a feminist party) are supported by 0.01% of the population, a few orders of magnitude below Harvard's standards.

CEI spots

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has produced two one-minute TV spots

that end with a beautiful slogan "Carbon dioxide: they call it pollution; we call it life".

Chris Mooney Tic has asked me to add one more sentence to the slogan. What a pleasure: "The Intersection: they call it a scientific blog; we call it a playground for intellectually limited far left-wing activists."

The main author of one of the studies cited by CEI, Curt Davis, has published a mad statement pointing out "funding of CEI by large oil companies". It sounds like the Soviet propaganda in the 1950s to me. I just can't stand these anti-capitalist jihadists.

His research has demonstrably and unequivocally shown that the East Antarctic sheet is growing. His current political statement trying to downplay the results - and to show that the numbers describing ice should only be emphasized if they are negative - makes me ashamed to be a remote member of the same community.

Davis says that the growth does not matter because it is due to precipitation: how the hell does he think that most glaciers - especially in the mild zones - were created if not with the help of precipitation? By extraterrestrial aliens who bring lots of refrigerators to cool down their Coke?

Surely, if the alarmists could prohibit precipitation - because it is politically incorrect i.e. inconvenient for their goals - then we could indeed face various catastrophes. But precipitation cannot be stopped because it is a crucial and unseparable part of the climate processes, and a shameful attack of Davis against CEI can't change this law of Nature.

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