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Raccoons attack Fermilab

Figure 1: A raccoon. Sometimes they also steal biscuits. Also, it's unbelievable, but I have probably found the dog who likes racooons, even baby raccoons. The family seems to be building special relationships. ;-)

Accelerator update:

Tuesday May 30

The midnight shift began with Recycler and Pbar conducting studies, and with the TeV in a dry squeeze.

At 1:24 AM, Operations reported a raccoon terrorist attack on the Linac gallery. It seemed to be a coordinated effort. Fortunately, by 1:53 AM, a joint force of operators and Pbar experts managed to drive the raccoons out of their hastily made fortifications. Then at 4:18 AM, the raccoons made what some thought to be a counter attack on the Division Headquarters, but others believed it to be only a simple reconnaissance incursion. No raccoons or civilians were either injured or captured during these encounters. Operator losses were low.

Operations prepared Pbar for an access at 5:44 AM.

Booster experts began a study period at 7:54 AM.

We will make no distinction between the raccoons who committed these acts and the raccoons and dogs who harbor them.


Via Not Even Wrong

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