Saturday, June 24, 2006

Harvard may pay extra $115 million for firing Summers

One year ago, it was more or less a done deal that Lawrence Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, would donate 115 million U.S. dollars to Harvard University led by Lawrence Summers in order to create the
  • Ellison Institute of World Health

that was supposed to fight against major diseases that decimate Africa and the rest of the world.

Nowadays, Ellison is apparently concerned that without Summers, Harvard won't be able to direct this difficult project, and after having seen what algorithms and principles many of the non-Summers people would like to use to lead Harvard, your humble correspondent shares Ellison's worries and has a full understanding for his potential desire to change his mind. Yes, indeed, I would guess that the university may become a black hole.

Nancy Hopkins' temptation to vomit and Lorand Matory's Brezhnev-style resolution - besides many colleagues' inability to defend their president against malicious attacks - may turn out to be rather expensive. See more details in the

The amount of $115 million should be symbolically added to $50 million that were, under the pressure of the feminist movement, promised for programs to intentionally discriminate against men. And no, I am not going to count any human lives.

If you enjoy black humor, it's somewhat funny to imagine that the ouster was a consequence of the "lack of confidence" resolution in 2005: each vote against Summers may then have been worth about minus half a million dollars. ;-)

Thomas Sowell of Stanford University argues that Harvard is a cathedral that has lost the faith that has originally built the university.

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