Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Physics PhDs vs. special relativity

Several days ago, a couple of readers questioned my statement that there exist very many physics PhDs in the world who don't believe relativity. How do I prove that I am right? Just by waiting for a few days. Today, 56,000 (fifty-six thousand) physicists received the e-mail from Dr. Robert Halmai, the chair of the "Society of Hungarian Reformer Physicists" called
  • Introduction of our new society

that contains one nontrivial piece of information only, the "best" link to a website of their "prominent member"

that shows that special relativity is not even wrong. ;-) The e-mail, starting with "My name is Dr.", also explains that have sent the spam to 56,000 recipients. I am sure that these crackpots have violated laws in many countries, and it is conceivable that someone will even complain about it.

But you're never quite sure. Maybe your humble correspondent is wrong and these theories are a triumph in science (and sociability). The link in the previous sentence, pointed out by a SLACKER, leads to a page with photographs of L. Riofrio, a new Einstein, taken by JoAnne Hewett - yes, the same smart JoAnne Hewett who just informed us about the annoying delay of the full-energy start of the LHC collider. ;-) Don't blame her: I also like to take pictures of crackpots, especially the sexy ones.

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